The Accelerated Why Islam is True Mini-Course

This mini-course includes:

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  • 4 short and to-the-point videos (less than one hour) that will teach you the four Quranic arguments for the existence of God and also for the truth of Islam
  • 14 bonus videos that will also teach you:

This mini-course proves the truth of Islam in less than 1 hour.

Get the Accelerated Why Islam is True Mini-Course for just $47


  • The Truth-First Strategy, which will destroy almost any objection to Islam, whether it be the age of Aisha, the problem of evil, hijab, polygamy in Islam, slavery in Islam and more with one simple fact!
  • A detailed examination of the problem of evil and suffering. (“There is a wisdom in it” is the wrong answer! )
  • The Reject the Atheists’ Faith-Frame Strategy (without this your belief in God will look unscientific)
  • An analysis of a real atheist-Christian debate with renowned atheist Professor Richard Dawkins. You will understand why the Christian lost and how he could have defeated Dawkins if he'd known these arguments.
  • And more...
  • 67 consolidation and application questions for you to practice what you learned and apply it to real-world situations with atheists, Christians, and Hindus, all with instant feedback.