The Why Islam is True course teaches you powerful rational arguments for the truth of Islam and shows you how to apply them to what you see in the world today

The Parent-Conversation Toolkit takes you by the hand as you guide your children to face the world and to have confident conversations about the topics that are damaging the iman of other children

1 in 4 Muslims who are raised in America leave Islam. This is not just happening in America. It’s happening all over the world. Even in Muslim countries.

We are on the ground providing iman-protection training to parents, scholars, imams, chaplains, schoolteachers, and halaqa leaders all over the world. We are also producing and disseminating iman-protection educational resources such as textbooks, parent toolkits, debate manuals, and video responses. 

We are solving this crisis

Muslims are proud of the number of people who convert to Islam but they don't realize how many of them end up leaving Islam.


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How Your Money is Used When You Buy This Parent-Toolkit

In the Parent Toolkit, you will have lifetime access to:

  • Step-by-step instructions that guide you to have Why Islam is True conversations with your children
  • Engaging read-aloud stories for ages 7-10 in Level 1 and thought-provoking comic strips for ages 11-14 in Level 2. I have crafted these with a team of educators with decades of experience in curriculum and teaching to:


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An Insider’s Sneak-Peek into the Parent-Conversation Toolkit

  • correspond to each course module and learning objective in the Why Islam is True Course
  • stimulate thought, questions, and conversation that will lead your child step-by-step to their own realizations that islam is true 
  • model an empathetic parent-child relationship so that your child feels comfortable in developing that same type of relationship with you as a parent (this is the golden key for knowledge transfer)
  • address and solve the most important real-world issues and most common religious doubts in a secure, sensitive, age-appropriate manner (this is what will enable your child to grow up to be a confident Muslim who can answer questions and challenges from the society around them)
  • set a tone or mood for the child to feel comfortable with their own parents to ask sensitive questions and create that safe space needed for your child to come to their own realization that Islam is true.
  • Conversation blueprints and prompts that guide you on on your conversation journey with your child (including sample responses)

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Why Islam is True Parent-Toolkit

The Parent-Toolkit is a companion to the Why Islam is True course.

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