In The Linguistic Power of the Miraculous Quran tafseer course you will experience the Quranic beauty in the original linguistic context of ancient Arabia by:

  • studying common rhetorical techniques of the ancient Arabic language
  • understanding the psychology of the ancient Arabians
  • realizing the purpose of each sura and how it moves someone to submission
  • seeing how the word-choice, word-order, metaphors, imagery, and sounds are designed to take someone into submission by changing their psychology
  • experiencing the eloquence-thread that connects all of the verses in the suras into an interconnected whole that moves you step-by-step to inward submission

Understanding and Talking About the Book of Allah Requires Knowledge

Abu Bakr (Allah be pleased with him) said, 

Which sky will shade me and which earth will support me if I say something about the Book of Allah without knowledge?

The Companions of the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) were extremely careful when speaking about the Quran. They feared Allah and didn’t want to disobey Him or lead people astray by saying something about the Quran without knowledge. 

And yet we talk about the Quran to our children, we talk about it in halaqas, we talk about it in lectures, and we talk about it in khutbas, without ever verifying whether our understanding of the Book of Allah is correct.

This course is based on the most authoritative tafseers of the Muslim scholarly tradition, such as the tafseers of Baydawi and Zamakhshari (the most advanced tafseers that were taught in the Muslim seminaries), the tafseer of Abu al-Su’ud (Shaykh al-Isam of the Ottoman Empire), and the tafseer of al-Burhan al-Biqa’i.

But this course does it in a way that helps the average Muslim connect with the Quran and experience what the ancient Arabians experienced.  That’s why it focusses on Juz’ Amma, which is the most frequently memorized and recited part of the Quran. And if you are a parent or a teacher, it will also help you talk about these suras accurately with your children and students.

This tafseer course includes lifetime access to 40 recorded lessons (about 50 hours worth of classes) that were taught weekly over 1 year.


You will also have access to a community, where you can get your questions answered.