You know that Islam is true. 

But do you know why it’s true?

And can you confidently tell someone else why it’s true? Like your children, your friends, your colleagues at work? With simple rational arguments?


"As the saying goes, “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.” 


"That is really the amazing quality in Shaykh Hamza, is that he can take an idea and explain it in the easiest of terms and in the most sophisticated of terms. "


“There is a point for everyone where they have a doubt in their heart ... this class really strengthened my iman.”


I was a muslim due to culture. An now, I can confidently say, Alhamdulilah, that I am a muslim due to conviction

Afraid to bring up discussions with other colleagues who didn’t believe in religion or even God. In his early years, he used to watch Ahmed Deedat debates. He could tell you the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was foretold in the Bible. He could pinpoint the exact verses. He even had some of them memorized.

But things were different now. Most people no longer believed in Christianity. Whether or not Jesus was crucified, whether or not Jesus was God, these kinds of things were no longer relevant to people.

Now he was faced with a different challenge, a challenge which tried to shake the essence of Islam itself. 

Is there a God?  

How do you know Islam is true? 

What about evolution?

Or the problem of evil? 

Or other arguments the New Atheists have popularized.

This made him anxious about getting into discussions with colleagues, especially those who knew Dawkins and other New Atheist arguments.  

He didn’t want to make Islam look bad by not having an answer for their push-backs and counter arguments.

Amin was no longer confident…

He felt nervous playing a Dawkins video on Youtube, or God forbid read his books. After all, Dawkins has a PhD in biology and Amin was just a high-school biology teacher. What if he read something that would shake up his belief?  Or put confusions in his head which he couldn’t find answers to on YouTube?

So Amin, who used to engage Christians in discussions about God, started to avoid religious topics. He started to avoid discussions with colleagues who were now talking about these new ideas. He no longer discussed religion. And he kept to himself. 

He became a closet Muslim.

But this didn’t make Amin feel good.  How would he explain things to his children who looked up to him, who would undoubtedly in this Internet age eventually see these atheist arguments online?

And when he couldn’t answer these issues for his children, what would that do to their faith?

Amin wasn’t happy. But he didn’t know where to turn. 

He had no choice but to watch some of those Muslim-atheist debates online, but then he sometimes got confused. Especially with all the philosophical terms and ‘smart talk’, logical-fallacy-this and fallacy-that. Now he felt dumb, or not smart enough to engage. 

And even after some Muslims responded to the atheist ideas he found that sometimes what the atheists were saying made more sense than the Muslims. This worried him more.

His answer was to shut it all out, to ignore it’s there. And pray to God that his kids wouldn’t see.  

After all, he knew Islam was true, but he was just not smart enough to answer the challenges and mental puzzles filled with jargon and technical speak.  

But then that’s when he stumbled on a new course called “Why Islam is True”. It was the Ahmed Deedat of atheism. 


Because the proofs taught in “Why Islam is True” are the same rational, easy-to-understand, but completely bullet-proof arguments the Prophet Muhammad used to convince the desert Arab, the grandmother, and the 7 year-old child.

We are losing the public discussion, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. 

Imagine young Muslims with a confidence based on evidence that doesn’t get fazed by the latest YouTube video, or by the latest social media attack, or by the fact that their professor is an atheist, or by pressures at work and in society.

This is the most important course that you will take in your life. 

And I want to teach it to you and to everyone all over the world without charging anything for it. That’s how my teachers taught me this knowledge. They never charged me anything

Do you have any questions? 

Please email them to

The Prophet Muhammad put iman and certainty into the hearts of people using simple rational arguments. In a matter of minutes. Or even seconds.

What did he do differently that we are not doing today?

What were those rational arguments he used?

I’m going to show you why Islam is true. With the same arguments that the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ himself used, which are also in the Quran.

But first let me tell you about Amin,

Amin is a high-school biology teacher. He believes in Islam and knows it’s true. 

But he was afraid. 

Amin was afraid.

“How would I explain things to my children?”

It claimed that the proofs for God presented in the course were bullet-proof. This was different from what he was seeing online, which was often just a Christian argument for the existence of God put in a Muslim wrapping.  

Instead these proofs came straight from the Quran and were the exact same rational arguments the Prophet Muhammad himself made ﷺ. 

And the course claimed to also specifically deal with arguments from the New Atheists and even used extracts from their books, refuting them with the Quranic rational arguments in a very simple-to-understand way, without the need for heavy jargon.  

Something so simple your grandmother could understand, and a PhD couldn’t refute. After all, the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ brought iman to old people as well!

What if you couldn’t just believe that Islam is true, but know like Amin that it’s true. With:

And what if you could engage in simple discussions with friends and colleagues or even your own children using

  • rational easy-to-understand arguments,
  • undeniable proofs that show why Islam is true, without needing to rely on quotes from non-Muslim scientists that the Quran is miraculous or ahead of its time.

Unlike popular opinion:

  • it doesn’t matter if you’ve never studied logic or philosophy before,
  • it doesn’t matter if you’ve been confused by leading atheist arguments,
  • it doesn’t matter if you’ve felt intimidated by PhD-level thinkers who use jargon and publish hundreds-of-page books attacking religion, 
  • it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a background in science,
  • it doesn’t matter if you never studied the details and intricacies of evolution.

None of that matters.

Instead what you mostly find on YouTube and online are rehashed Christian proofs for their belief in God. These arguments are weak and a smart atheist can very easily reveal the flaws in these arguments.

The real way to show anyone that God exists is the same way that the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ showed that God exists. 

And to show that the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ is God’s messenger with evidence, using the same evidence that he himself used to show that. 

Most of us don’t know that the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ made rational arguments, and that these arguments are right there in the Quran. 

Most of us don’t know that the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ made rational arguments, and that these arguments are right there in the Quran. 

Our scholars developed these arguments into the 

most powerful arguments for religious belief on the planet.

These arguments are found in the traditional islamic sciences of logic, of tafseer, of rational theology, of legal theory (usul al-fiqh) … But nobody’s teaching them.

If you knew these arguments you would never feel shy or uncomfortable again about discussing your faith.

This course is being taught on-the-ground right now, all over the world. 

  • Teachers in islamic high-schools are being trained in the arguments of our scholars.
  • Teachers in weekend Islamic schools are being trained in the arguments of our scholars.
  • Young Muslims leading halaqas are getting trained in the arguments of our scholars.
  • Imams, scholars, ulama, muftis are getting trained in the arguments of our scholars.

And with this online course, mothers, high-school students, working professionals are all being trained in the arguments of our scholars. 

And it’s already making a difference…

I want you to imagine a world

  • where everyone is Muslim based on evidence, 
  • where Muslims everywhere are encouraged to think, to disagree, to engage in discussions, 
  • where everyone is taught Islam as the evidence-based fact that it is.

​You can take this course and you’ll be able to have friendly and intelligent discussions with everyone who’s close to you. 

In the “Why Islam is True” course, you will get:

  • 87 bite-sized recorded lessons
  • Live interactive drop-in classes every two weeks
  • 67 consolidation and real-world application learning activities
  • Never-Left-Alone 24/7 Q&A Forum–a safe space to ask your questions where you get an answer within 24 hours or less


  • There’s flexibility. You can learn at your own pace. Spend 30 minutes a week, less or more, whatever you can do.

Content and Structure

  • The learning activities are crafted by certified licensed teachers with decades of in-school experience. They include:
  • Challenge an Atheist” live role-playing activities
  • 100 “Reality-Show Scenarios” to create expertise, real-life confidence, and on-the-spot critical thinking skills

Quizzes and assignments for mastery and creative real-world application

You will learn:

  • The four Quranic proofs for the existence of God and proof of Islam
  • The answer to “Evolution and Islam”
  • How to bring God into science by taking materialism out of it
  • The flaw of the Design Argument and The Atheist Design Trap
  • The real reason why suffering and the Problem of Evil aren’t a problem for Islam
  • The Unmask Strategy to spot the deception in atheists’ loaded questions about God.
  • The Truth-First Technique to expose atheists’ Moral Monster Deceptions
  • The Reject the Atheists’ Faith-Frame Strategy (without this your belief in God will look unscientific)
  • Plus more

These are the most powerful arguments for religious belief on the planet. This is how the Prophet Muhammad (Allah bless him and give him peace) showed why Islam is true. And they wlll give you the clarity, the conviction, and the confidence for yourself or to discuss these issues with anyone you like. 

But in order for us to us to be able to spread this knowledge far and wide to Muslims and non-Muslims all over the world we need the following:

  • Professional experienced trained staff who have left their full time careers and who will now work with us full time to help this cause.
  • We need the technological tools to help us deliver this course at the professional standards this topic deserves as well as all of our other free online content.
  • And we to need to advertise and get this knowledge in front of more people to show them why Islam is true.  (Organizations of ex-Muslims are being funded by millions of dollars, and are using paid ads to advertise deceptive but high-quality content around the Internet and to Muslims.  We need to step up to the plate on our end, and use advertising as well your support in sharing this link to spread the word.)

To fund all that, we need money and we need your support.

So what we’ve decided to do is to give you real value for your money that you won’t find anywhere else and to ask you to pay $197 for six-months’ access to this course so that we can generate a self-sustaining cash-flow that will enable us to spread the word and benefit young and old, rich and poor, all over the world.

If you want to use the language of sales and marketing, then when you buy this course you are getting a great deal, you’re getting many times more than what you’re paying for, but–and I think this is more important–you’re also helping a cause. You’re enabling us to reach millions of Muslims all over the world with something that isn’t available anywhere else.

We have never nor will turn anyone down for any of our courses due to lack of funds. How could we say to someone that if you don’t pay us we won’t help you get iman? 

If you’re reading this page and you can’t afford this course then you can email to inquire about our financial aid program.

So I want to first thank you for your order, and thank you further for sharing this site on your social media and to all your friends. You are helping a great cause. You are helping the ummah.

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In celebration of this new relaunch, if you register for this course today, we will also give you two free bonuses to thank you for being our first supporters.

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Our 2-YEAR Keep-the-Book Guarantee

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  • 87 bite-size recorded lessons
  • Live interactive drop-in classes every two weeks
  • 67 consolidation and real-world application learning activities
  • Never-Left-Alone 24/7 Q&A Forum–a safe space to ask your questions where you get an answer within 24 hours or less
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They are the same proofs used by Allah in the Quran, but Muslims today are not using them.

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"It has been one of the most amazing and beneficial classes that  I have taken on Islam in the past 20 years."


 I’m able to hold conversations with Christians and Atheists about religion and I’m able to confidently discuss this and they agree with me and that’s something that never happened in my life before. 


"He makes all complex arguments and proofs seem very simple and straightforward Ma sha' Allah."

Nauman (Youth Halaqa Teacher)

"I had one 15-year-old [student] who said that before I took this course I was doubting whether Islam was a true religion ... after this course I have no doubt." 

Mufti Yusuf

"You will get an education of a lifetime"

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